When you book a journey with Aurora Expeditions, you’re saying yes to a true Arctic exploration. You’ve probably heard that we are an award-winning polar expedition company, but do you know what we do to garner this praise and other accolades? It’s our commitment to chart a new course, delivering an enriching trip that exceeds expectations. 

Of course, the destinations we travel to play a big role in our passengers’ enjoyment but we also love to go above and beyond to surpass expectations. We do that through our extensive activities and education programs, our passionate crew, and with our commitment to the environment and you.

Activities Program


SCUBA Diving

Trekking & Hiking

Stand-up Paddleboarding

A trip to the Arctic with Aurora Expeditions is not your average cruise. Not in the slightest. For one thing, you’ll be sailing in a purpose-built expedition ship, designed to maximise your comfort and allow us deep into the region (icebergs are no match for our X-Bow).

Then there’s our flexibility. While others may run to a tight schedule, we know that by yielding to the elements (let’s be real, the Arctic is the boss), we are amply rewarded. Check out a standard itinerary (like Svalbard In Depth), and you’ll see that we afford flexibility to work with the climate, the conditions, and wildlife sightings opportunities. 

Whether you’re zipping off in a Zodiac to seek a polar bear, walking through wildflowers on the tundra, or about to take the polar plunge (eek), know you’re in capable hands. Check our onboard activities, too. Let’s just say it’s challenging to be bored with Aurora!

Alongside our included expedition experiences, we have our Activities Program, giving you access to some of the most fun and unique ways to get close to the Arctic’s action. How does scuba diving between two tectonic plates sound? The stuff of fables and superhero stories, right? Except, when you journey with us through Iceland, you can choose this as an add-on! You can also scuba dive in remote Greenland

Maybe you’d prefer to be above water than in it. In this case, sea kayak with us across the Arctic, including Greenland, Svalbard, and Iceland! 

Want to know about a day in the life of an Arctic adventurer (it could be you)? Check this out.

The Expedition Team

“It is good people who make good places.” We love this Anna Sewell quote, but we believe great people make great places greater. 

The Arctic is a region rich, diverse, distinct, and enlightening: it would impress anyone. But when you add in passionate, knowledgeable people sharing everything they’ve gleaned about the region, a good trip becomes exceptional. And we love exceptional. 

When you’re aboard an Aurora Expeditions sailing – be it Jewels of the ArcticNorthwest Passage, or our Svalbard Odyssey – you’re supported by an expedition crew that has been hand-selected for being the best in the industry. They ooze enthusiasm for the destinations ahead and have a care factor that goes beyond the norm. You’ll enjoy those attributes as you gear up for a stint in the Zodiac, before you leap into the polar plunge, or as you settle down in the evening for a fascinating talk.

Our commitment to people and community extends beyond our expedition team. Across the globe, we attract passionate, motivated travellers We know that delivering above and beyond in our roles has a ripple effect that touches every expeditioner 

Want to dive a little deeper with one of our crew? Read our Interview With Heidi Krajewsky – Expedition Naturalist

Education & Enrichment

Our focus on our enrichment and education programs is not simply about ensuring you leave with more information than when you get on your Arctic cruise. It’s a way to deepen your connection to the destination and the wildlife that inhabit it and ignite a passion that you take home. The more of us acting as an ambassador for the Arctic, the better. 

It’s easy to become an advocate when you have access to expert-level intel in a meaningful and relatable way. This is why we have expedition specialists on board. From glaciologists to marine biologists to historians and photographers, you have the opportunity to get as well-versed in the Arctic as you so choose.

We also invite experts in their field aboard certain sailings as part of our Special Guests Program. Whether it’s a scientist, conservationist, photographer, or archaeologist, you can be sure your Arctic journey will be a fascinating one.

We’re also proudly partnered with Upschool to support climate change education, bringing the wonders of the Arctic to children everywhere.


“We care” is our sustainability motto, a pledge that is a demonstrable practice with our sustainability-in-action efforts and initiatives. 

Aurora Sustainability Logo
Sustainability Brochure

Here’s what we’re committed to:

  • Responsible, respectful travel
  • Reducing our footprint
  • Taking real action
  • Staying 100% climate neutral
  • Creating sustainable food programs
  • Working towards B Certification by 2023
  • Making good decisions
  • Investing in people and communities

We said demonstrable, and we mean it! While you’re travelling with us, you may not notice everything we’re doing on board to be 100% climate neutral, but it’s happening in the background. Things like creating efficient energy, water, and waste management, and using eco-friendly products (yay, no nasty smells!). Our game-changing, custom-designed X-BOW ship has reduced fuel consumption, further adding to our climate-neutral position. 

While on a cruise, we may not be leaving a footprint per se, but we’re conscious about the imprints we leave behind as we tour you through the best of the Arctic. Responsible travel is important to us; we care for the places we visit and curate excursions with this care in mind, no matter how remote they are (like the Ittoqqortoormiit settlement visited on our Jewels of the Arctic.

A guest favourite, our Citizen Science Program gets you exploring the Arctic in new ways. How cool is it to give back on your travels by collecting data to share with professional global scientists?

We’re also big fans of spreading the good work of leading female scientists, including naming our brand-new purpose-built ship after Dr Sylvia Earle, the first female chief scientist of the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Ready for a true Arctic exploration?

 Read this handy guide to choose which Arctic region is best for you, or contact our friendly, knowledgeable Arctic-loving team today.

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