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Life Changing Antarctica 2024-25

Dive into life changing adventures in Antarctica in our brand new brochure. Choose from 25 expeditions ranging from 9 to 23 days, including classic itineraries and three brand-new itineraries onboard the Greg Mortimer and newest ship the Sylvia Earle

Stop daydreaming and start planning your next big adventure with our comprehensive and inspiring 100-page brochure.

Please allow 2-4 weeks to receive your printed copy.

Life Changing Arctic & Beyond 2023-24

Explore our brand-new Arctic & Global 2024 season, full of life changing adventures across the wildest and most remote destinations around the globe.  Featuring 15 voyages exploring the Arctic and 3 departures to our global destinations.

Dive into our new 112-page brochure to go on your next life-changing adventure.

Antarctica Mini Brochure

Antarctica is a place like no other. One of the least-visited places on Earth, between October and April the Antarctic pack ice retreats to reveal the world’s greatest wildlife spectacle.

Discover this once-in-a-lifetime destination in our Antarctica Mini Brochure.

Arctic Mini Brochure

Explore life changing Arctic adventures in our brand-new mini brochure, featuring Greenland, Svalbard and the Northwest Passage in 2024.

Learn all about the Aurora difference and what makes the Arctic region so special, from geological features to wildlife, alongside specific highlights in each region

Activities Guide & Mini Brochures

Our expeditions are designed to put you in the action as much as possible. To maximise your time in the incredible destinations we visit, we offer a range of included activities as part of your voyage.

Download our new Activities Guide and see how much you can make out of your expedition. 

Group Mini Brochure

Our ships play host to many groups of varying sizes including photographers, birders and wildlife enthusiasts. Our unique style of expeditions and highly experienced teams onboard are made for great group adventures. 

View this Mini Brochure to see which itineraries and activities are right for your group.

Voyage Calendar

Access our full list of itineraries for 2023-25 in our latest voyage calendar.