We are proud to have joined the likes of the United Nations Association of Australia (UNAA), Jane Goodall Institute (JGI) and Canva in partnering with Upschool to support climate change education.

UpSchool is an Australian start-up education platform that provides free courses and resources for children and teachers. It is currently being used by over 1,000 teachers in 110 different countries, with around 30,000 children attending class each week in countries such as Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Yemen and Ukraine. 

We have partnered with UpSchool on their latest project, “It Starts with You” is a FREE online course developed to bring the magic of the Arctic to children all around the world. Explore the role this region plays in the lives of every human being on earth, and educating students on how everyday choices we make are putting pressure on the health of our planet. Children participating in the course will be encouraged to make a plan to change the way in which their community lives, to help contribute to positive environmental change.

We are proud to be partnering with UpSchool on this incredible project that will help to raise awareness of the pivotal importance of the Arctic to the health of our planet.

Enrichment, education, deepening connections to the remote regions we visit, and creating ambassadors for the protection of the environment is of huge importance to our company, and this partnership is one of many actions we are taking as part of a far-reaching sustainability in action plan.

Watch the Arctic Course

The videos below are excerpts from “It Starts with You” – This 10-week course comes complete with breathtaking videos, lesson planning documents and a suite of resources for teachers, parents and students, and can be integrated into any school curriculum, worldwide. The intended goal of the course is for learners to understand the importance of the Earth’s polar regions, and how local choices can ultimately have a global impact.

Follow the journey and register your interest!