The thrill of visiting wild and remote regions on an expedition to Antarctica, Costa Rica and the scattered isles of western Scotland is elevated when you’re actively immersed in the environment. In our inflatable kayaks, you can paddle safely among brash ice and along rocky shorelines where penguins and fur seals might be sunning themselves.

It’s a unique opportunity to remain fully immersed in your surroundings, at water level in your sturdy kayaks. You might see Adélie penguins darting around you or, perhaps, an Antarctic fur seal slipping off its rock as you glide past. Your experienced guides will look for wonderful opportunities for you to enjoy a paddle, and hopefully push you beyond your comfort zone, safely.

Kayaking & Paddling FAQs

Yes, you will be supplied with a drybag for extra clothing, binoculars and anything that needs to be kept dry. You should also carry a water bottle. You are also welcome to bring along your own 5-10 litre drybag for personal items.

Paddlers should be aged 14 or over.

Yes, but we highly recommend a waterproof camera or phone, or a good quality waterproof case. Pelican cases are highly recommended for good cameras. A 1300 or 1400 model Pelican case is well suited for this activity if your camera and lens combination fit. However, you may be able to strap a larger case onto the back deck of the kayak.

Our paddling activity is generally done in combination with a shore landing and we paddle close to shore. Your group will have a dedicated safety Zodiac, and your guide will be in constant radio contact with our ship captain and expedition leader if additional support is required.

The inflatable kayaks are made of a soft multi layer pvc plastic and are easily paddled through small patches of brash ice. We manoeuvre around the larger ice chunks and floes.

Travel insurance including emergency evacuation coverage, is mandatory on all Aurora Expeditions voyages. You will need to ensure that your insurance policy covers you for your activity and any related equipment. An additional policy or premium
may be required to ensure you have adequate coverage. Please contact us if you need assistance with your insurance policy.

No. Each paddling place is for one person only. Passengers are unable to ‘share’ a kayaking place as the kayaks and drysuits are individually issued and fitted for the duration of the voyage.

It is your choice how often you want to paddle. If you decide to spend more time during a landing to explore ashore, you just need to let your guide know in advance. However, we do encourage you to get out as much as you can! Please note that the activity surcharge is non-refundable and we are unable to assist you if you change your mind once on board. If you decide to fully cancel your participation in the activity during the voyage, please be aware that you will not be entitled to a refund – neither partially nor fully. Contact our team for further details on our paddling cancellation policy.

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