Juan Jose Miramon

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Juan grew up in a small town in Andalusia, Southern Spain, where he learned to enjoy nature and the outdoors since his very early childhood. His insatiable curiosity about the world took him away at the age of seventeen and since then he has never stopped exploring.

He studied Tourism and Hospitality Management and later completed a Masters in International Development with the aim of promoting travelling that focuses on environmental awareness and cultural sustainability. This approach allowed him to take part in a wide variety of tourism projects involving vocational education and training in Nepal, community-based programs with Quechua people in the Andean highlands, guiding treks and volcano climbs in the Atacama Desert and Eastern Island, and managing a kayak company in the west coast of Greenland. In the last few years he has been absolutely enchanted by the wilderness of Antarctica where he works in guest services and even leads trips to the South Pole.

In his free time, he will likely be skiing in the Pyrenees, ice climbing in the Alps, or mountaineering in Peru. Otherwise, he may be reading books about Eastern philosophy, writing his personal blog or backpacking with friends and camera in hand.

He believes it is a privilege not only to combine his ideas and passion with work, but also to be able to share with guests the experiences of a lifetime.