People love our tours of Africa because of the diverse experiences they can give travellers. From the buzzing streets of Cape Town to the wide-open expanses of the African savannah (and everything in between!), there’s plenty to see and do.

In this modern age of technology, you don’t have to jump on board our charming Zambezi Queen ship unarmed, either. But exactly which gadgets should you bring along to your 2016 African expedition?

Our free photography workshops with Antony Watson will give you the base skills you need to take home some truly stunning snaps.






A quality camera

Not only will the continent’s ‘Big Five’ be present along your trip (lions, rhinos, elephants, leopards and buffalo), but you’ll also have the opportunity to see South Africa and Zimbabwe’s native cultures. We suggest you take a quality DSLR camera with a decent, fast variable zoom lens. Look for the following numbers if you aren’t sure: 70 millimetres to 300 mm, and around f/4.5 (this is is recommended by pro photographer Nasim Mansurov, due to its flexibility in zoom and the ability to gain better depth of field).

Not certain how to use the device? Our free photography workshops with Antony Watson will give you the base skills you need to take home some truly stunning snaps.

Portable device charger

If you take your laptop, smartphone or tablet, chances are pretty high you’re going to need to recharge them at some point. This is a little tricky on the road or when you don’t have access to a wall charger. So what to do? Buy a portable one! PC Advisor proposes thinking about the following before purchasing one:

  1. Is it portable? Portable doesn’t always mean ‘pocket-sized’, but sometimes can mean ‘small, but still bulky’. Are you OK carrying a charger in your bag, or would you prefer it to be in a smaller pouch?
  2. Can it charge? Compare your device’s battery specs with the specs of your intended charger to ensure it will actually fill them to capacity.

Some of these devices are even solar powered, such as the Voltaic Amp Solar Charger, which would work well in the African sun.


No matter what else you choose to bring, perhaps one of the most important items for a trip such as our African voyage is a good pair of binoculars. Considering you’ll want to see the amazing wildlife up close and crystal clear, look for a magnification distance of around 10x, or a variable zoom thereabouts. Don’t go all out on the biggest set of binoculars you can find, though, as this will take up valuable luggage space. Many compact sets, such as those by Canon, Bushnell, Nikon or Swarovski, offer crisp images but in a lightweight package.


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