It’s been a great year for amazing photos, from Antarctica to the Arctic and to all the places in between. These are the pictures that you liked the most this year on @auroraexpeditions:

1. Bird cliffs in Spitsbergen


An entry into our 2016 European Arctic Photo Competition from Aleksandr Chegodaev; the bird cliffs at Alkefjillet were full of nesting guillemots, providing a very dramatic view for our Zodiac-ers!

2. Moonlit iceberg in Greenland


A stunning capture by Michael Baynes in Greenland, during a moonrise photography workshop on the bow of the Polar Pioneer.

3. Iceberg Playground


The winning shot from our 2015/16 Antarctic photo comp, taken by Sue Parsonage. A well deserving winner!

4. Galápagos Sun Bathers


Galápagos sea lions soak up some sun on the beach while visitors look on envy. We were very excited for our upcoming arrival to this special destination.

5. Man in flight


Great entry into our Arctic Photography Comp by Penny Riddoch of the Polar Plunge caught mid-flight – you can almost feel how cold it will be!

6. Barbecue with a view


Have you ever experienced a BBQ quite like this before? Our passengers dine al fresco in the Arctic with the best view in the world!

 7. Exploring Portal Point


Our intrepid expeditioners head out to explore the frozen wonderland of Portal Point, Antarctica

8. Torpedoing


“Torpedoing’: the action of propelling oneself under (or out of) water like a torpedo. Penguins are champions at this discipline – a fun fact for the day!

9. Cruising in Antarctica


A great time lapse aboard the Polar Pioneer from Elena Wimberger as they cruise through the Gerlache Strait

10. Antarctica


A great capture from Erin Kostopulos during her trip to Antarctica with us as a Canon Collective Ambassador, we think it’s absolutely breath taking!

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