Planning the ultimate friendcation on an expedition takes more effort than the average weekend road trip or weeklong resort vacation. It’s an epic adventure that is on average around two weeks and a style of travel that may be new to some of your companions. Here are some tips to help you successfully navigate the ups and downs of travelling with friends.

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Our ships play host to many groups of varying sizes including photographers, birders and wildlife enthusiasts. Our unique style of expeditions and highly experienced teams onboard are made for great group adventures. 

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Start planning early

Finding a few people to come with you on an expedition can result in a rush of excitement. Be sure to have an open and frank discussion about where you want to go, what you want to see and agree on the target budget for the trip. Are you all dreaming of Antarctica or is one person seeking the geothermal sights of Iceland, while another is imagining majestic polar bears in the wild? They’re all possible on a small-ship expedition. You can also let your adventurous spirit out with activities like sea kayaking, snorkelling or even climbing and trekking. Do you all want to do the same activities, or are you ok signing up for different things? Make a point of having these discussions early on and avoid miscommunication and frustration when your departure date is fast approaching.

Choose your travel companions wisely

While a shared wanderlust is mandatory there are certainly many practical things to consider when selecting your travel partners. Do you share a similar energy level and a willingness to stay busy throughout the day or does someone prefer a more laid-back vacation with lots of downtime? Aurora’s expeditions are action packed and we aim to get you off the ship and into nature as often as possible. Is someone a night owl and another an early riser? Can you get by with ear plugs and eye masks to ensure a good night’s rest or should you book separate rooms for a bit more independent comfort? If you’re unsure of your friend’s travel habits consider a short getaway together before your expedition to make sure you’re a good match, or at least find workarounds that make you both happy.

Arrive together, or meet you there

Whether you need to make your way to a busy departure city like London or a more remote gateway like Ushuaia Argentina, figure out if you’re travelling the whole way with your buddies. Do you want the same flights and adjoining seats, or does one of you want to arrive early and see the sights? Think about your full trip end-to-end. Adding on an independent stopover or extension can help fully personalize your trip and let you explore an interest or activity that is yours alone.

Socialize beyond your group

Once on board the ship, there will be lots of people to meet and things to do as part of your expedition. If you’re in the same stateroom and signed up for the same activities, you and your friends will be spending plenty of time together. Use all the available opportunities to meet other passengers who are in your small groups for Zodiac tours and landings. Get to know those at your table for dinner, or head to the hot tub or observation lounges for a bit of relaxing downtime and socialising. Since Aurora’s ships have only a maximum of 132 passengers, it’s really easy to meet new people. These new friends add so much character to your expedition experience, and let’s face it, a break from the 24/7 togetherness of being with your best mates.

Bring a group, get a deal

If you’ve floated the idea of an expedition to a group of friends and the response has been overwhelmingly positive, you may be eligible for additional discounts. If you can get 8 or more of your besties ready to make their booking, the whole group can get an additional 5% off*. That’s a deal for everyone involved – the more the merrier is certainly true when it comes to group discounts.

*Additional 5% discount is applicable over the gross price with a maximum discount of 25%. These are combinable with loyalty and back-to-back discounts. Maximum 1 solo cabin per group which cannot be booked in a suite.

Are you ready to have the gang together and get the adventure started? Hopefully this guide has given you a few tips on planning your friendcation expedition and making memories that will last a lifetime. Let the excitement take-off and get that group chat started today!


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