Not sure which Antarctic itinerary is right for you? Here’s our guide to Antarctica’s regions.

Ways to Explore Antarctica

Whether you want to see the steep-sided mountains of the Antarctic Peninsula, the enormous king penguin colonies of South Georgia or venture as south as the Antarctic Circle, we’ve got an expedition for you. Check out our map of which expeditions go where.

The Antarctic Peninsula

The Antarctic Peninsula is the most popular location to explore on an adventure to the region. An epic wonderland full of penguins, whales, seals, birds and breath-taking ice formations. The stunning landscape features steep-sided mountains that descend dramatically into the sea. The area is actually a part of the Scotia Arc and a continuation of the Andes mountains – resulting in beautiful steep mountain scenery. You’ll be in awe around every corner.

Spirit of Antarctica

Antarctic Peninsula | 12 Days | Sail Only

This itinerary sails both directions of the Drake, so you can experience a more traditional crossing like the seafarers of old.

Traveling earlier in the season (late Oct-early Jan), this is the perfect trip for those who wish to see penguins building nests and forming colonies, seals having pups on the ice and seabirds forming their nests with chicks hatching.


You can enjoy snorkelling and kayaking on these voyages, and because they are earlier in the season, take advantage of our special camping on the ice, snowshoeing and ski/snowboard additional activities (additional costs apply).

Antarctic Explorer

Antarctic Peninsula | 11-12 Days | Fly/Sail, Sail/Fly & Fly/Fly

This is a fantastic option for those who wish to incorporate a flight component into their trip, with fly/sail, sail/fly and even fly/fly options available.

This itinerary travels later in the season (early Jan-late of March). This means you will have near 24 hours of daylight, there will be more whales in the peninsula and penguin chicks will be hatching and fledging.


You can enjoy snorkelling and kayaking on these voyages, as well as scuba diving (additional costs apply).

Antarctic Explorer Express

Antarctic Peninsula | 9 Days | Sail/Fly


For travellers who are short on time, fly across the Drake Passage in at least one direction for a condensed version of the Antarctic Explorer voyage. This voyage is tailored for travellers seeking a quick adventure to the frozen continent. Enjoy Zodiac excursions to explore rugged coastlines, where unexpected appearances from curious whales is known to occur.    


Discover the underwater world of Antarctica by snorkelling or kayaking on this expedition. (additional costs apply).

Antarctic Peninsula in Depth

Antarctic Peninsula | 15 Days | Sail Only


The ultimate expedition to the Antarctic Peninsula that seeks to include visits to some well-known locations and opportunities for surprise discoveries. Enjoy nine full days to discover the wonders of the Antarctic Peninsula in the peak of summer, when tiny penguin chicks are growing quickly, fur seal pups are being weaned and whales start to arrive in larger numbers to feed on krill. 


Near-endless hours of daylight means more time for exploration – Zodiac cruising, walking, snowshoeing, snorkelling and kayaking (additional costs apply).

Venturing South to the Antarctic Circle

Further South as you cross the Antarctic Circle, it feels more remote and even colder, with great swathes of pack-ice and dreamlike icebergs.

Across the Antarctic Circle

Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctic Circle | 12-15 Days | Fly Sail, Sail Only

As the name suggests, our “Across the Antarctic Circle” itinerary ventures where few dare. You’ll explore not only the wonders of the Antarctic Peninsula, but you’ll also join a privileged few who can celebrate crossing the famed Antarctic Circle (as far south as 66 33’ S). Here you will enter a different world that will give you sensory overload like you’ve never felt before.


In addition to snorkelling and kayaking, you can also do scuba diving, alpine trekking, snowshoeing and camping on the ice (additional costs apply).

Heading East to the Weddell Sea

The Weddell Sea has a very different appearance to the Peninsula, with mountains set further back from the coast coming down to gravelly plains, in what we sometimes call a similar look to the Wild West or Badlands – arid terrain eroded by wind and water.

With harsher weather conditions, it can be more difficult to travel to this side. That also means there will be fewer other ships in the area as you explore the incredible landscapes that characterise the Weddell Sea. Plus you will be rewarded by richer paleontology discoveries as the area is home to many fantastic fossils dating back to 200 million years ago.

Wild Antarctica

Antarctic Peninsula & Weddell Sea | 12 Days | Sail Only

The Wild Antarctica itinerary explores the icy perimeter of the Weddell Sea, as well as the more traditional Antarctic Peninsula. These voyages depart later in the season (Feb/March) so expect somewhat shorter days, tremendous tabular icebergs (further down South) and be awed by the array of wildlife who play and hunt in the Antarctic Sound.


Additional activities on offer include kayaking, snorkelling and scuba diving (additional costs apply).

Deep Weddell Following Nordenskjöld

Antarctic Peninsula, Weddell Sea | 14 Days | Sail Only


This is the perfect voyage for history buffs who crave an adventurous expedition. With favourable conditions we hope to spend more time enjoying the mind-blowing icy landscapes in the Weddell Sea region than on any other of our voyages.  Follow in the footsteps of polar pioneers Otto Nordenskjöld and Sir Ernest Shackleton, and hear their tall tales of heroic exploration, tragedy and triumph.


Let our experienced Expedition Team guide you through kayaking, snorkelling or SCUBA diving in this region (additional costs apply).

South Georgia and the Falklands~Malvinas

South Georgia is known for its enormous king penguin colonies (the largest in the world) and beaches lined with elephant seals and Antarctic fur seals, so this is certainly the area to visit if you are a wildlife enthusiast. In South Georgia, you will also have the opportunity to trace the history of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s perilous journey, and, if conditions allow, retrace parts of his footsteps from Fortuna Bay to Stromness.

The Falklands~Malvinas are steeped in history and are also a beacon for bird lovers, with an incredible diversity of charismatic penguin species including king, macaroni, Southern rockhopper, Magellanic and gentoo. If conditions permit, you will have the chance to visit Stanley, capital of the Falklands~Malvinas, full of terraced town houses, pioneer cottages and even an iconic red telephone box.

South Georgia & Antarctic Odyssey

Antarctic Peninsula, South Georgia & Falkland~Malvinas | 19-21 Days | Sail Only

This voyage encompasses the best of the Antarctic Peninsula and the enchanting wildlife haven of South Georgia. Discover the historic Falklands~Malvinas and stand in awe before the world’s largest king penguin colonies in South Georgia. In Antarctica, experience the serenity and grandeur of the most remote place on earth, where penguins nest, whales feed and captivating seals frolic in ice-speckled seas.


In addition to kayaking, snorkelling and showshoeing, this itinerary offers the special activity of Shackleton’s crossing (additional costs apply).

Falklands, South Georgia & Antarctic Peninsula

Antarctic Peninsula, South Georgia & Falkland~Malvinas | 21 Days | Sail Only

Take in the wonders of South Georgia and the Antarctic Peninsula, but add in the Falklands too! Similar to the above itinerary, you will have one less day in South Georgia but additional time in the Falklands~Malvinas to discover the fascinating history of the islands and encounter the spectacular birdlife found there.


On these voyages, you will be able to participate in kayaking, snorkelling and alpine trekking (additional costs apply).

Subantarctic Safari

South Georgia & Falkland~Malvinas | 17 Days | Sail Only

Whilst this voyage does not travel to the Antarctic Peninsula, this itinerary is perfect for wildlife lovers and history buffs who want to take the time to really explore the subantarctic islands of South Georgia and the Falklands~Malvinas.


In addition to kayaking and snorkelling, this itinerary offers the special activity of Shackleton’s crossing (additional costs apply).

Falklands~Malvinas and Antarctic Peninsula

Falklands~Malvinas & Antarctic Peninsula | 16 Days | Sail Only


This voyage is paradise for birders and wildlife lovers. Enjoy an in-depth, five-day exploration of the Falkland~Malvinas, looking for black-browed albatross, Magellanic and southern rockhopper penguins laying eggs, and elephant seals giving birth and suckling pups. Experience the Antarctic Peninsula in mid-Spring when it is at its most pristine and ideal for landscape photography. 


This expedition offers kayaking, snowshoeing, ski/snowboard touring and camping in addition to incredible birdwatching opportunities (additional costs apply).

South Georgia & Antarctic Odyssey feat. the South Sandwich Islands

Falklands~Malvinas, South Georgia, South Sandwich Islands | 24 Days | Sail Only


On this epic voyage, not only will you explore the famed white continent, discover the Falklands~Malvinas and South Georgia, you will also sail to the South Sandwich Islands, a chain of seldom-visited volcanic islands located 740 km (460 miles) south-east of South Georgia. Simply reaching these wild, far-flung islands is an adventure.  


Go kayaking or snorkelling in a corner of the world rarely visited by travellers.  (additional costs apply).

Do you just want it… all?

That’s OK, we’ve crafted the ultimate voyage for you.

Antarctica Complete

South Georgia & Falkland~Malvinas | 23 Days | Sail Only

If you just can’t decide between the wonders of the subantarctic islands, the majesty of the Antarctic Peninsula or the thrill of crossing the coveted Antarctic Circle – this itinerary covers them all.

Over 23 Days, you will have the chance to step ashore on the Antarctic continent to experience unforgettable vistas, raise a glass as you join a small club of people as we attempt to cross the Antarctic Circle and stand in awe at the world’s largest king penguin rookeries of South Georgia.


Take your adventure to the next level with our kayaking and snorkelling additional activities (additional costs apply).

Circle and Weddell

Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctic Circle, Weddell Sea | 18 Days | Sail Only


Antarctic adventurers can aim to tick two boxes off their bucket list on this voyage, where you have the opportunity to visit regions in Antarctica that most people will never experience, not even among those who have been to Antarctica – below the Antarctic Circle and attempting to forge a path through the ice in the Weddell Sea.


Marvel at some of the most dazzling icy landscapes from above or below the water by kayaking, snorkelling or SCUBA diving (additional costs apply).

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