Jump on board a 2016 expedition to Alaska’s Inside Passage and you’ll be weaving your way through mighty fiords, pristine forests and a menagerie of wildlife. You’ll witness these spectacular sights and more from the comfort of our ship, the Wilderness Adventurer, and even disembark to explore the landscape up close and personal. It’s a rewarding and memorable journey, but being a sub-Arctic location, what should you wear in Alaska to suit the local climate? Considering our Alaskan tour takes place in May, this is what you need to know about travelling around this time.

When you're out and about on an Alaskan trip, appropriate clothing will help you feel comfortable.When you’re out and about on an Alaskan trip, appropriate clothing will help you feel comfortable.

A summary of the weather

If you can guess what the weather is going to do, you can easily prepare the right ensemble to suit. Well, being the Northern Hemisphere’s spring time, expect long hours of sunshine and relatively warmer temperatures, though still with a bit of that crisp, fresh chill. Travel Alaska states the average high will be around 12 degrees Celsius, with lows down to 4.5 degrees. Rain is distinctly possible, so you’re going to want a waterproof jacket for your outdoor adventures (we’ll get to clothing in a moment). You’ll have plenty of time each day to enjoy the many unique wonders of the Inside Passage, as the sun should stay out for around 16 hours, setting just before 11 p.m.

Your guide to Alaskan exploration clothing

Layers designed for these conditions are going to keep you at max comfort when cruising through the Inside Passage. suggests a three-layer system: moisture-absorbing underwear; a lightweight, synthetic middle vest; and a jacket that can hold itself up to the elements. In addition, comfortable, high-quality walking shoes are a must. It’s better to enjoy our insightful trek through the landscape, not worry about blisters. With Aurora Expeditions, you’ll be given a complimentary pair of gum boots for all of our wet landings, so that’s one thing you can immediately tick off your to-pack list!

On an Alaskan expedition with us, you won't need to worry about bringing gum boots.On an Alaskan expedition with us, you won’t need to worry about bringing gum boots.

For your middle layer, consider a merino wool sweater by brands such as Icebreaker. Merino, especially from New Zealand, is incredibly light to wear, pleasantly breathable and doesn’t itch like your grandmother’s old knitted sweaters. Plus, the way it’s manufactured means it can suck moisture out of the air and trap it in the strands, insulating your skin from the cold. As for your outer shell, companies such as ScotteVest specialise in jackets for seasoned travellers. Many of its products are both wind and rain resistant, and come designed with over 20 pockets! These are uniquely made, too, including chest pockets with clear covers so you can see your gadget screens without taking them out in the weather. For more information on what to wear in Alaska request a copy of our Alaska Trip Notes.


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