The natural beauty of Greenland

There’s no place like Greenland when it comes to giant icebergs (some of the largest on the planet), immense actively calving glaciers and some truly remote and intrepid places. 

The largest island on Earth, Greenland is almost entirely encrusted in a thick ice sheet, which sees magnificently large glaciers flowing into the sea. The rugged landscape, carved by one million years of glaciation, is astoundingly vibrant.

Combine that with incredible history, a fascinating modern way of life, and charming colorful villages, Greenland promises to be a destination unlike any other you’ve been to. 

Whether you visit East, West or South Greenland, you are sure to be in for an adventure and a unique experience immersed in the beautiful natural world. Explore some of Greenland’s best attractions and the expeditions to join if you want to see them



Whale watching in Disko Bay


Whale watching in Disko Bay.



West Greenland

In West Greenland, visit Ilulissat Icefjord, a UNESCO World Heritage site, which is choking with icebergs calved from Jacobshavn Glacier, one of the most productive glaciers in the northern hemisphere. It’s a fantastic place for photography; from the ancient volcanic rocks along the hiking trails on Qeqertarsuaq to the superb whale and bird-watching opportunities in Disko Bay.

West Greenland is also home to Nuuk, the northernmost capital in the world. With 40,000 inhabitants, Nuuk offers a small-town feel shaped by nature and cultural diversity.

Stroll through town and admire the brightly coloured timber houses, the colors of which once signified the occupation of the inhabitants, and visit Greenland’s National Museum, which showcases the 500-year-old Qilakitsoq mummies.

Aurora’s Expeditions Wild Landscapes of West Greenland takes you beyond Nuuk, where the west coast’s remote settlements await. As we venture further north, the settlements become smaller and more isolated. 

We will push through the sea ice from the enormous Greenland ice sheet, to explore hidden bays glittering with icebergs, and where whales may shelter.  This journey takes you to places where few tourists venture, offering a genuine expedition experience in Greenland.


Highlights of Wild Landscapes of West Greenland: 


  • Stand in awe of Ilulissat Icefjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Witness the remarkable geology on Disko Island, featuring some of the oldest geological features on Earth
  • Forge as far north as possible along Greenland’s west coast, where few travelers venture, and where the night sky may surprise you with a dazzling display you’ll never forget
  • Discover life in Nuuk, the world’s northernmost capital
  • Visit remote Inuit hamlets and settlements, where the local Inuit people still practice traditional hunting methods


Request a quote to join a Greenland expedition cruise and explore everything from the bustling streets of Nuuk to the serene, ice-laden northern bays. 

Hiking in Illulissat

Hiking in Illulissat

South Greenland

South Greenland is famous for its stunning fjords, including Tasermiut Fjord, known for its majestic mountains and lush valleys, ideal for ship cruising and Zodiac excursions.

Delight in hikes across the tundra in search of arctic fox and reindeer, tasting delicious wild berries along the way. Zodiac-cruise along fjords where you might glimpse ringed seals lazing on sea ice, and perhaps encounter whales feeding in the nutrient-rich waters.

Hear stories about the Viking settlement of Greenland dating back to the 10th century at Hvalsey church ruins and soak in a natural hot spring surrounded by mountain scenery in Uunartoq.

Uunatoq hot spring

Uunartoq hot spring.

A highlight of a Greenland expedition cruise in the South is sailing along magnificent Prince Christian Sound—a famous channel in southern Greenland that enables a safe passage for the largest ships between the East Coast and South Coast.

The fjord is surrounded by steep mountains, reaching over 2,200 meters (7,200 ft) high. There is only one settlement along this sound, Aappilattoq, at the extreme western end. 

Highlights of Southern Greenland: On the Trail of the Vikings:

  • Venture deep into Kangertitivatsiaq Fjord on Greenland’s remote east coast.
  • Sail along Prince Christian Sound, surrounded by towering mountains with glaciers that calve directly into the sea.
  • Enjoy thrilling Zodiac excursions to glacier fronts and watch for tail flukes from diving whales.
  • Weaving through the fjords and channels, we enter West Greenland, the country’s most developed region, home to the nation’s capital, Nuuk.
  • At the National Museum in Nuuk, see the fascinating exhibit of the Qilakitsoq mummies dating back 545 years.

Join this Greenland expedition cruise to immerse yourself in the myriad of things to do in Southern Greenland. 

Whether you’re exploring Viking ruins or navigating the stunning fjords, a Greenland expedition offers an unforgettable adventure. Request a quote to find out more

Prins Christiansund

Prins Christiansund

East Greenland

In East Greenland, the scenery is truly astonishing. Here you’ll find a backdrop of towering mountains, vast areas of wilderness, huge glaciers, countless icebergs, and sea cliffs banded with layers of purple, cream and blue. This region offers an unparalleled opportunity to hike across tundra on the trail of arctic hare, arctic fox, and musk ox. 

Discover Scoresbysund where you can kayak and Zodiac cruise along one of the world’s longest, largest and deepest fjord systems. At Ittoqqortoormiit, visit Greenland’s most remote settlement, home to approximately 450, mostly Inuit people.


Aappilattoq, South Greenland

If you are considering a voyage to Greenland, particularly to the east, our Arctic Complete – Svalbard & Greenland adventure is the best choice.

This expedition combines our Jewels of the Arctic and Svalbard Odyssey itineraries. 

In Svalbard, experience near-endless daylight, where elusive polar bear sightings quicken your pulse and guillemot cries echo from towering cliffs. 

In East Greenland, sail deep into Scoresbysund, visit one of the world’s remotest Inuit settlements, cruise among iridescent icebergs sculpted into fantastic shapes, and walk across tundra blooming in brightly coloured flowers, while tasting delicious wild berries.

Push through pack ice to find walrus hauled out on ice floes and bearded seals, and delight in the breathtakingly beautiful fjords.

Highlights of an Arctic Complete Adventure:

  • Experience the breathtaking beauty of Scoresbysund’s  icebergs and landscapes.
  • Visit Ittoqqortoormiit and learn about the unique culture and lifestyle of its residents.
  • Venture close to 80° north, searching for polar bears on pack ice in Svalbard.
  • Discover the thrill of seeing walrus, seals, whales, reindeer, arctic foxes, guillemots, and puffins.
  • Listen to the orchestra of Greenland’s famous ice singing as it pops, hisses, cracks, and calves.
  • Delight in a variety of diverse terrains: ice caps, polar deserts, alpine ranges, and colorful tundra.

Plan your adventure to East Greenland now, learn more about our Greenland cruises & expeditions

Zodiac cruising Scoresbysund

Zodiac cruising in Scoresbysund.



If you are considering a visit to Greenland, Aurora Expeditions offers many different itineraries to explore all of its best facets.

Founded by explorer Greg Mortimer, this Australian-owned company specializes in small-group expedition-style travel. 

With a history of pushing the boundaries of expedition travel, our voyages also offer adventurous activity options such as sea kayaking*, snorkelling*, scuba diving* and photography; while our expert naturalists, historians, staff and crew help to unlock the wonders of these special places.

Thinking of traveling to Greenland? Learn some interesting facts before you go!

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*At an additional cost.

FAQs - Greenland

Greenland is renowned for its natural beauty, including immense glaciers, giant icebergs, and rugged landscapes.

Some must-see attractions include the Ilulissat Icefjord, a UNESCO World Heritage site choked with icebergs from the Jakobshavn Glacier, and the stunning fjords of South Greenland, like Tasermiut Fjord and Prince Christian Sound.

East Greenland offers the vast wilderness of Scoresbysund, one of the world’s largest fjord systems, and the remote settlements of Ittoqqortoormiit.

A Greenland expedition cruise offers a variety of activities to explore the unique landscape and culture. 

You can enjoy Zodiac excursions to glacier fronts, whale watching in Disko Bay, hiking across the tundra in search of arctic wildlife, and visiting historical sites like the Hvalsey church ruins. 

Explore the world’s northernmost capital in Nuuk, and in remote Inuit settlements, you can learn about traditional hunting practices.

Greenland’s cultural heritage can be experienced through visits to its colorful villages, historical sites, and museums. 

In Nuuk, the National Museum showcases the 500-year-old Qilakitsoq mummies. 

Exploring remote Inuit hamlets allows you to learn about traditional hunting methods and learn about the Inuit way of life. 

Plus discover stories of ancient Viking settlements  at the Hvalsey church ruins in South Greenland.

Greenland is home to diverse wildlife. In West Greenland, Disko Bay is known for whale and bird watching.

South Greenland’s fjords offer chances to see arctic foxes, reindeer, and seals, while you might spot arctic hares, musk oxen, and polar bears in East Greenland.


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