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Sylvia Earle snorkeling in the Arctic by Michael Aw

‘The Azores archipelago is a magnet for life. It really is a magical place. Launching the Azores as a Hope Spot is so logical – just ask the whales. They know how special this place is. This used to be a place where whales were killed, and now people are making a living by respecting the whales and having people come out and visit them as fellow citizens of the planet.’

Dive into the otherworldly waters of Cape Verde, the Canary Islands and the Azores. Located in the central Atlantic Ocean, these Islands of the Atlantic were dramatically shaped by volcanic activity and host warm temperatures all year round.

The spectacular marine life attracts scuba divers and snorkellers from around the world. Between January and May, small pods of humpback whales visit Cape Verde to breed and give birth to live young, and Boa Vista is one of the best places to see them. The smallest Canary Island, El Hierro, boasts water visibility of 30 metres or more and has been classified as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The pristine diving environment of the Azores is where marine life thrives, including sharks, manta rays, sea turtles and also attracts whales in large numbers. The Azores are recognised as one of Mission Blue‘s Hope Spots, which are ‘special places that are scientifically identified as critical to the health of the ocean.’ 

Our experienced Divemasters and guides will take groups of 8 to marvel at brightly coloured coral, uncover historic shipwrecks and witness spectacular marine ecosystems.

How do I book Scuba Diving in the Islands of the Atlantic?

If you are an Advanced Open Water Diver with a minimum of 30 logged dives (with a minimum of 6 of those dives within 12 months of your trip), and you would like to participate in our scuba diving program on your tropical voyage, please contact our expert team.

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