Diver exploring a shipwreck

Apart from spider crabs, peacock worms, dogfish, crabs, sea squirts, soft corals, sea butterflies, giant kelp walls and many species of starfish, you will inevitably have an encounter with curious seals, penguins or be lucky enough to swim with a whale. If this is not enough to entice you to the great white continent, the magical textures and shapes of underwater icebergs will definitely leave you speechless!

90% of every iceberg is underwater, and the vast majority of Antarctica’s wildlife lives in the water, stepping on land or ice only to rest or breed. Diving in Antarctica offers opportunities to witness spectacular ice formations and diverse marine life. 

Aurora Expeditions was the first operator to offer experienced divers the opportunity to explore Antarctica’s underwater realm. The ocean water can be as cold as -1˚C/30˚F, but in one of our drysuits and being lead by our expert Scuba Divemasters and Guides, you are in safe hands to push the boundaries and dive deeper out of your comfort zone.

How do I book Scuba Diving in Antarctica?

To book this activity you must be at least an Advanced Open Water Diver and Drysuit Specialty certified diver with at least 30 drysuit dives. You are also required to complete a minimum of 10 dives in the 12 months before your trip, with a minimum of 5 of those dives in a drysuit. If you are eligible and would like to participate in our scuba diving program on your Antarctic voyage, please complete a polar diving form or contact our expert team below.

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