Brochure Unveils 16 New Itineraries for 2022-23

Today we have launched our expanded 2022-23 Season Brochure for its Arctic, Antarctica and Global program.

Our season of voyages features 16 new and innovative itineraries and several returning favourites, while our newest state of the art ship, the Sylvia Earle, is also making its debut as part of the 2022-23 season. The new brochure additionally provides a first look at the company’s newly expanded Citizen Science Program, which will launch across all voyages in 2022.

“Aurora Expeditions’ 2022-23 season is sure to provide the captivating and perspective-altering experiences that our guests continue to return for,” commented Monique Ponfoort, CEO of Aurora Expeditions.

“Some of the remarkable destination highlights in this season include Aurora Expeditions’ unique itineraries to Alaska, Northwest Passage, Ireland and West Papua. In addition, we are excited to be returning to the Russian Far East and awe-inspiring Antarctica in our 30th year of operation.

“Facilitating education, enrichment and discovery are key to Aurora Expeditions’ voyages. Our two ships in the fleet, the Greg Mortimer and the Sylvia Earle, are both new, beautifully appointed and utilise the latest technology including the revolutionary Ulstein X-Bow® hull, which ensures we can explore the furthest reaches of our planet smoothly and efficiently.

“Aurora Expeditions is proud to continue to give our guests the opportunity to push their boundaries in the most beautiful and remote places on earth, offering the most comprehensive activity program with an unrivalled array of activities and led by the most experienced, professional and passionate expedition team in the industry,” Ponfoort continued.

“In line with Aurora’s commitment to the conservation of the environment and taking real actions for the care of the planet, we are also thrilled that our expanded Citizen Science Program will launch across all of our voyages in 2022.”

World-renowned oceanographer, marine biologist and explorer Dr Sylvia Earle was involved in the development of her namesake and the citizen science projects onboard.

“By travelling with Aurora Expeditions on the Sylvia Earle, I feel it is an incredible opportunity for people to learn about these extraordinary marine habitats in situ, and as a result, become ambassadors for protecting them,” Dr Earle commented.

“It’s such an opportunity to be immersed in the ocean and be connected to the places that you go, and don’t go just to absorb, go to give back and share what you have learned elsewhere, and connect with the locals, open people’s minds. It’s a great opportunity to embrace the world and see it with new eyes.”

Along with our extensive Antarctica program, new and unique itineraries featured in the 2022|23 Season Brochure include our first voyages to Alaska on its own vessels, the legendary Northwest Passage, the fascinating Russian Far East, the marine biodiversity hotspot of Raja Ampat & West Papua Islands, and much more.

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