Travelling solo may seem like a daunting task, especially when you’re planning an expedition to Antarctica – not most people’s traditional holiday destination. There are many times in life, though, when a person will want to go somewhere but have nobody to join them, for whatever reason. So should you play the lone wolf or forego the trip of a lifetime? These are the benefits of travelling by yourself, and why it’s actually a pretty great idea.

Solo travel to Antarctica is a fantastic life experience.

Conquer your goals

On an Antarctic cruise, you will have the ultimate opportunity to conquer some of your most lofty bucket list goals. Whether it is simply walking on the Antarctic continent or trying something more extreme like snorkelling with penguins, our expert staff are always on hand to keep you safe and support you.

Make new friends

You’ll be in a small group with like-minded passengers, making it easier to form fond new friendships when travelling by yourself, without being overwhelmed by impeding crowds. Indeed, as professional blogger and travel author Janice Waugh found on her earlier adventures, you’re more open to meeting people when travelling alone, and will make temporary travelling buddies who could become lifelong friends.

Have more freedom

Don’t let anyone hold you back! While exploring Antarctica with Aurora Expeditions, there are many chances to land ashore and enjoy different activities. These could range anywhere from opting into a photography workshop to climbing mountains of glittering ice. Travel resource Fodors states that sometimes other people can serve as a distraction from what’s around you, making solo travel more fulfilling. So however you want to experience Antarctica, you can do so exactly how you wish.

Travelling with Aurora Expeditions

One of the major barriers to going it alone are ‘single supplements’, or additional charges because you chose not to bring a partner. When travelling with Aurora Expeditions, you won’t need to worry about these thanks to our cabin-mate finding service. Plus, all of this is not to say that your trip will be totally solitary. Journeying with Aurora Expeditions is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you share with your fellow passengers, all of whom will be there for the same reasons you are: to see a beautiful world and try a new adventure. You’ll also have our expert team on hand to offer additional insights or to help you if you need it, removing a lot of the doubt that people often find when travelling by themselves.


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