With the release of our new Antarctic, Arctic & Global Season Brochure, we are offering 6 new ways to explore Antarctica in 2023 and 2024.

Our new collection of voyages has been crafted to help you embrace the spirit of polar exploration, with a range of immersive voyages ranging from 9 to 24 days.

Whichever Antarctica expedition you choose, you are guaranteed have the adventure of a lifetime. Both the Greg Mortimer and our newest ship, the Sylvia Earle, have been designed for discovery, accommodating a maximum of 132 passengers and sporting the revolutionary Ulstein X-BOW® hull, capable of reaching the furthest reaches of our planet smoothly and efficiently. Travelling in small groups means that, unlike on larger ships, you can join every excursion, with more opportunities to get into the environment and explore the white continent and beyond.

You will be in good hands with our expert international expedition team as you journey to some of the most remote corners of the planet, deepening your connection with the natural world through our comprehensive activity program and citizen science opportunities.

Ways to Explore Antarctica

Whether you want to see the steep-sided mountains of the Antarctic Peninsula, the enormous king penguin colonies of South Georgia or venture as south as the Antarctic Circle, we’ve got an expedition for you. Check out our map to see which expeditions go where.

Let's a look at our 6 new Antarctic itineraries

Antarctic Explorer Express

Antarctic Peninsula | 9 Days | Sail/Fly

The younger sibling to our fully-grown Antarctic Explorer voyage, Antarctic Explorer Express is a condensed version of the longer itinerary. It may seem indulgent to embark on a quick trip to Antarctica, but for travellers who are short on time, a short trip to the Antarctic Peninsula could be just what you are looking for. By flying across the Drake Passage in at least one direction combined with a compacted time in the Antarctic Peninsula, our Antarctic Explorer Express voyages are tailored for travellers seeking a quick adventure to the frozen continent. Enjoy Zodiac excursions to explore rugged coastlines, where unexpected appearances from curious whales is known to occur.


  • Witness extraordinary wildlife including fledging penguin chicks.  
  • Zodiac cruise in secluded bays and quiet coves filled with brash ice and photograph enormous glaciers and spectacularly shaped icebergs in various shades of blue.  

Antarctic Peninsula in Depth

Antarctic Peninsula | 15 Days

This ultimate expedition to the Antarctic Peninsula seeks to include visits to some well-known locations and opportunities for surprise discoveries. Enjoy nine full days discovering the wonders of the Antarctic Peninsula in the peak of summer, when tiny gentoo penguin chicks are nesting, chinstrap penguins are hatching and whales start to arrive to feed on krill. Near-endless hours of daylight means more time for exploration – Zodiac cruising, walking, snowshoeing, snorkelling and kayaking. 


  • Enjoy an in-depth exploration of the Antarctic Peninsula where we aim to show you well-known favourite sites and hope to discover future favourites
  • The Antarctic Peninsula is a hive of activity with penguins nesting and chicks hatching 

Deep Weddell following Nordenskjöld

Antarctic Peninsula, Weddell Sea | 14 Days

A new voyage that focuses on the Weddell Sea region more than any of our other voyages. The Weddell Sea is renowned for vast amounts of ice – sea ice, pack ice and gigantic icebergs. For adventurous expeditioners, a visit to the area can be rewarding, not least for its historical associations. In 1902, Swedish explorer Otto Nordenskjöld was forced to spend two winters on the Weddell Sea, and the main expedition hut built on Snow Hill Island still stands. The area is also central to Ernest Shackleton’s well-known expedition when the Endurance became trapped in the ice. In addition to ice-watching opportunities, the area is also rich in wildlife, geology and palaeontology. We hope to see ice seals such as crabeater and leopard seals. On the shores, you can scour for ancient fossils of gastropods, large clams and spiral-shaped ammonites. 


  • Hear tall tales of heroic exploration, tragedy and triumph in the Weddell region
  • Be awestruck by the array of wildlife that hunt and play in the Antarctic Sound 

Circle and Weddell

Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctic Circle, Weddell Sea | 18 Days

Antarctic adventurers can aim to tick two boxes off their bucket list on this voyage, where you have the opportunity to visit regions in Antarctica that most people will never experience, not even among those who have been to Antarctica – below the Antarctic Circle and attempting to forge a path through the ice in the Weddell Sea. As you venture south on the western side of the Antarctic Peninsula, passing spectacular, towering cliffs and glittering icebergs, there is a chance you may see Adélie penguins and ice seals such as leopard and crabeater seals resting on ice floes.  


  • Raise a toast to celebrate crossing the Antarctic Circle (weather and conditions permitting).  
  • Marvel at some of the most dazzling icy landscapes in the Peninsula as we forge our way south to the Antarctic Circle.  

Falklands~Malvinas and Antarctic Peninsula

Falklands~Malvinas, Antarctic Peninsula | 16 Days

A wildlife hotspot and paradise for birders, the Falkland~Malvinas is often a stop on a longer itinerary to the Antarctic. We enjoy an in-depth, five-day exploration of the Falkland~Malvinas. In the capital, Stanley, we delve into the history of the islands, black-browed albatross, Magellanic and southern rockhopper penguins are laying eggs, and elephant seals are giving birth and suckling pups. Experience the Antarctic Peninsula in mid-Spring when it is at its most pristine and ideal for landscape photography. Zodiac cruise through maze of sea ice, tread on fresh snow and witness penguins courting, mating and on nests.


  • More time in Falklands~Malvinas means more opportunities to search for wildlife including southern rockhopper penguins, southern sea lions and South American fur seals.  
  • Experience Antarctica at its most pristine, perfect for landscape photography. 

South Georgia & Antarctic Odyssey featuring South Sandwich Islands

Falklands~Malvinas, South Georgia, South Sandwich Islands | 24 Days

On this epic voyage, not only will you explore the famed white continent, enjoy two days discovering the Falkands~Malvinas, encounter the wildlife haven in South Georgia, you will also sail to the South Sandwich Islands, a chain of seldom-visited volcanic islands located 740 kilometres south-east of South Georgia. Simply reaching these wild, far-flung islands is an adventure in itself. 


  • Spend two days discovering the rich history and birdlife in the Falklands~Malvinas
  • Become one of the very few to reach the South Sandwich Islands – a corner of the world rarely visited by travellers 

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