WINNER: World’s Best Expedition Cruise Line | 2023 World Cruise Awards

Jeff Nagel

Firearms and Polar Safety Director, Firearms Manager, Historian, Assistant Expedition Leader

Whether he’s on white-water rafting adventures in the American West or skiing the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, guiding outdoors has always felt natural to Jeff. He maintains the highest level of safety in the Arctic as a Firearms Master for polar bears. Jeff thrives off the demand for constant vigilance and counts his binoculars as being a more important tool than even his rifle. He is honoured to take expeditioners right to the heart of nature in the polar regions, to help them gain a truly new perspective. After a lifetime of work in different outdoor industries, he still loves learning from and exploring with fellow Expedition Team members.

His favourite destination  is Svalbard, specifically a fjord named Hornsund. This fjord has everything from bird cliffs to magnificent glaciers to towering mountain peaks and is a hot spot for polar bear sightings in southern Svalbard.

On expeditions, Jeff likes to offer this advice: “Get out on deck! I know it’s a lovely ship but get outside! The scenery, the wildlife, what you came here for is outside of those doors.”

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