Ian McCarthy

Ian McCarthy

Ian has worked as a wildlife filmmaker for over 30 years, mostly for the BBC Natural History Unit based in Bristol. In that time, he’s filmed on many of the big David Attenborough series such as Life In The Freezer, Planet Earth, Blue Planet and Frozen Planet and have won a BAFTA for Life In The Freezer and two prime time EMMYs for Blue Planet and Human Planet.

During that time, Ian has lived, worked and camped for long periods in remote wildernesses, from northern and eastern Greenland, Ellesmere Island, the Antarctic Peninsula, Siberia and the Subantarctic islands of South Georgia and Marion Island.

He’s swum with huge brown bears in British Columbia and been chased by a musk ox in Greenland. He has howled with wolves in Montana, snorkelled with thousands of sockeye salmon in the icy rivers of Alaska and walked through a mine field in Afghanistan.

Ten years ago Ian moved to Cornwall with his wife Anne and opened The Wild Studio, Cornwall where they exhibit and sell Ian’s panoramic wildlife pictures.

“I try to capture the sense of space and grandeur in a landscape and yet bring a feeling of intimacy with the wild creatures that I photograph. My films and photographs come from a lifelong love affair with the natural world. But as the wild places come under increasing threat, I’m constantly reminded how fragile nature is, and with that comes a new wonder for its ephemeral beauty which I do my best to bring to my images“.