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The Critically Endangered Eastern Curlew is dying in critical numbers and needs your help!  There’s been an 82% crash in the population of the world’s biggest migratory shorebird in recent years due to habitat loss. Without our help, this remarkable bird species, and other migratory shorebird species like it, could become extinct in our lifetime.

The amazing Eastern Curlew

Recognised by their distinctive down-curved beak and mournful ‘Cuuurlew” call that rings out beautifully across vast coastal wetlands, the tenacious Eastern Curlew make the long migration from their breeding spots in Russia down to coastal regions in southern Australia every year. This incredible feat of endurance depends on the viability of the wetlands, mudflats and tidal flats along the Flyway, crucial for feeding and restoring their energy conserves.

Threats to the Eastern Curlew population

Destruction of these crucial wetland environments has seen fewer and fewer shorebirds like the Eastern Curlew making their annual journey every year. Development, not just on the Australian coastline, but also in China, Korea and Japan, can have a devastating effect as these bird species will not have the strength and energy required to compete their migration.

How you can help

Birdlife Australia has created a Shorebirds Conservation Action Plan to help save 37 different migratory shorebird species from extinction. Supporting Birdlife Australia’s work with a gift will help preserve their habitats, identify new wetlands of significance, and help secure the future of these marvels of migration!

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