About Sea Kayaking

John Weir, Sea Kayak Guide

Kayaking is not only an Olympic sport but an activity that almost anyone can undertake in any body of water on earth.

A little practice using a paddle, some work on your balance and core stability you’re off. Whether it be gliding between icebergs in the glistening, glassy waters of Antarctica or the open ocean, cruising downstream on the weekend just around the corner from your home.

Although it’s a relatively easy and accessible activity to get into there is also a lot to learn if you’re willing. Not only will you improve your technique but it’s an invigorating and completely immersive way to switch off, stay healthy and enjoy the great outdoors.

There’s almost no one who knows more or has more experience in exploration sea kayaking than our own John Weir who heads up the sea kayaking for our global expeditions. John has spent his life exploring the world and crossed every continent in kayaks and rafts, including throughout the Pacific and even Siberia – he is a true expert in the field.  

John Weir's Top 3 Destinations

Scotland and Ireland: 

These are world-class sea kayaking destinations. You’ll experience dramatic sea caves, seals and kelp forests. The water is unexpectedly clear allowing you to have a window into the underwater world. The scenery is indescribable and inaccessible, the coastlines are breathtaking, especially seeing ancient ruins and clifftop castles. Sea Kayaking here is remote, people are blown away with what they see and their experience on the water.


One of the best ways to immerse yourself in Antarctica. This place gives you an incredibly amazing interactions with penguins, seals and whales as you paddle through brash ice. Remember to keep your camera on-hand as you glide through his winter wonderland. The power, awe and the volume of ice takes your breath away and brings perspective to our journey.


Experience the birthplace of the kayak. Explore Greenland’s coastline from a unique angle, paddling by countless glaciers and jagged peaks. This destination has the perfect mix of iceberg-filled fjords, unique flora and fauna encounters and fascinating history and culture of the small communities that hug the shoreline. 

10 Reasons to explore via Sea Kayak

You have the opportunity to explore the world in your own way – follow your own path, create your own adventure.

In a kayak you travel quietly and calmly in nature; there are no engines, no noise.
You always feel so close to the environment. This gives you a deep sense of being a part of it all, you’re not just an observer. You are engulfed by the sights, smells, and tastes and everything is much more personal and real.
The personal interaction with the wildlife is amazing. There is less fear, you’re closer, quieter, and can have surreal moments of eye-to-eye contact with wildlife. It gives you this extended moment in time to pause and observe.
Every paddle is different, and it really encourages you to let go. There are changes in weather, sea conditions, wildlife, and even a change in paddling partners.
We have a lot of fun with our very small groups. Lifelong friendships are formed as the group share a mutual sense of exploration, achievement and discovery.
Sea kayaking is an exciting and active way to explore and travel.
Sea kayaking provides you with the freedom to look around the next corner or explore in detail the intricacies of the coastline.
When you are on the water in a kayak you have such a variety of unique and intimate experiences. You do truly find your own way and create you own unique experience of the destination; one you will never forget.
A feeling of really knowing the destination in a first-hand way, touching the essence of the place.

How Karen's life has changed since first Sea Kayaking

When Karen Miller returned home from an expedition that included kayaking, she realised she had an unexpected life-changing experience. Other than the spectacular landscapes and wildlife she was introduced to something else would unknowingly become part of her lifestyle and she could take those skills anywhere in the world to enjoy.

Karen spent the week kayaking around Scotland with John Weir as her guide as part of an Aurora Expeditions voyage. After an incredible experience in Antarctica, she couldn’t wait to get back on the water but in this time in the North Sea.

“There’s no denying you really get the best of the best of your expedition with the kayaking experience. It’s the different perspective and the closeness to the water, it’s an all-round great adventure,” said Karen on reflection.

She loved her time on the water so much that she’s joined her local kayak club to keep up the connection and fitness in the water.

“When the opportunity came up to go on an expedition to Scotland I grabbed it,” said Karen. “And it was just awesome. The wildlife alone; seeing the bird stacks, nothing compares to the bird stacks in Scotland. The Puffins – I hadn’t seen a puffin before, they’re such beautiful little birds. We were lucky enough to cruise right past puffin colonies while paddling along the coastline."

“From the cliffs to the caves and the kelp through the unexpectedly clear water, everything was better than I had imagined… and that’s why being in a kayak is so special,” she said, “you get so close to everything, they’re so peaceful and it really enhances your experience."

“From the cliffs to the caves and the kelp through the unexpectedly clear water, everything was better than I had imagined… and that’s why being in a kayak is so special,” she said, “you get so close to everything, they’re so peaceful and it really enhances your experience."

Being out in the elements she said the guides brought a lot to the discovery and the destination. “They know so much and make you feel safe out on the water. They know best conditions and the secret places we could access, I don’t know a lot of other guides that would have that insight and experience.”

And for those not sure whether they’re fit or experienced enough Karen says, “the kayaks are very stable. The guides give you a thorough briefing and sessions on technique and are ready to assist the whole way, so as long as you can swim, anyone can give it a go.”

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