Travelling to Antarctica is made so much richer by those who you experience it with. At Aurora Expeditions, we hand-pick our expert team to ensure you travel with some of the most experienced and passionate guides in our industry. When you share an expedition with them, their easy-going, welcoming nature belies the fact they are undisputed experts in their chosen field.

Here we introduce you to a selection of our expert team who will lead you on your adventure of a lifetime this coming Antarctica season.

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Meet our team



Dr Gary Miller
Expedition Leader, Polar Ecologist & Penguin Expert
Gary has been exploring and working in the Polar Regions for well over 30 years, initially studying Polar Bears in the Arctic before spending 10 summers and a winter in Antarctica studying the behaviour, genetics and ecology of the south polar skua as well as Adélie, gentoo, chinstrap, royal, king and emperor penguins. With over 25 seasons in the Antarctic, his knowledge and passion for wildlife and nature is second to none.Join Gary on Spirit of Antarctica (6 Dec 2014) and South Georgia & Antarctic Odyssey (17 Dec 2014)



Howard Whelan
Expedition Leader, Writer & Adventure Enthusiast 
Howard is a passionate outdoor enthusiast and writer, having documented a number of weird and wonderful places on his travels. From a 4000km, five-month bushwalk from Canada to Mexico and a three-month stint in remote Russia, Howard’s CV also includes working as camera operator on the first Australian ascent of Mt Everest. He was the founding editor of Australian Geographic magazine, and has been leading expeditions to Antarctica for over 20 years (including the expedition that resulted in the Academy Award-winning film Happy Feet!).Join Howard on Spirit of Antarctica (20 Jan 2015) and In Shackleton’s Footsteps (31 Jan 2015)
Christian Genilliard
Expedition Leader & Sailor
Christian first explored the poles over 30 years ago. Fascinated by the ice and convinced that boat was the best way to explore, he never looked back! From expeditions round the North Atlantic Ocean and Antarctica to working on projects such as ‘Round the World Race’ and the ‘America’s Cup’, Christians experience on the ocean is matchless. Since 2002 Christian has devoted his time to the Poles, sharing his passion and guiding expeditions.Join Christian on Weddell Sea Explorer (28 Feb 2015) and The Shackleton Spirit (9 March 2015)


Dr. Robyn Mundy
Assistant Expedition Leader, Writer & Research Fellow (Arts)
Robyn has been working in the Polar Regions for almost 20 years on expedition vessels as well as spending a summer at Davis Station as a field assistant and wintering at Mawson Station, working with emperor penguins out on the sea ice. Robyn is also a successful writer and is the author of the successful Antarctic novel, The Nature of Ice. She has co-authored a young readers’ adventure book, Epic Adventure: Epic Voyages published in Australia and the USA.Join Robyn on Spirit of Antarctica (6 Dec 2014) and South Georgia & Antarctic Odyssey (17 Dec 2014)


Dr. Liz Pope
Assistant Expedition Leader & Microbiologist
After completing post graduate study in microbiology, Liz found herself leading overland safaris throughout Africa, experiencing the wild side of camping with elephant, rhino, lion, and the occasional feisty wart hog! Continuing her passion for conservation and animals back in Australia at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo as an education officer, she soon turned her sights to the poles and has now been working in Antarctica for over five years as an Assistant Expedition Leader.Join Liz on Weddell Sea Explorer (28 Feb 2015) and The Shackleton Spirit (9 March 2015)




Nigel Brothers
Naturalist, Biologist & Conservationist 
Nigel Brothers is known world-wide as the first person to officially confirm that albatrosses and other seabirds were being killed in large numbers by longline hooks. Since then Nigel has spent much of his time at sea researching many of the world’s longline fisheries, assessing bycatch issues, and developing practical solutions to these problems; all for which he has been internationally recognised though numerous awards. As an officer for the Australian Parks and Wildlife Service for 28 years, he has also conducted research and management of Australian native fauna with an emphasis on marine and subantarctic ecosystem conservation.Join Nigel on Spirit of Antarctica (20 Jan 2015) and In Shackleton’s Footsteps (31 Jan 2015) 




Alasdair McGregor
Historian, Writer and Artist
Alasdair’s interest in Antarctica began on board an expedition to Heard Island in 1983. Since then he has delved into the region’s history closely studying famous Antarctic expeditions and the likes of Sir Douglas Mawson and his photographer, Frank Hurley. Visiting Antarctica as part of Australian Antarctic Division’s Humanities Program, and as chief artist and photographer for two Mawson’s Huts Foundation expeditions, he has produced a number of Antarctic-themed exhibitions and books, and is the world-expert on Australian polar photographer, Frank Hurley, having written his biography in 2004.Join Alasdair on Weddell Sea Explorer (28 Feb 2015) and The Shackleton Spirit (9 March 2015)




Tarn Pilkington
Climbing & IFMGA Mountain Guide
Queenstown-based Tarn Pilkington is a fully qualified IFMGA Mountain Guide. Initially starting out ski patrolling and as a Rescue Mountaineer, Tarn became actively involved in implementing and maintaining mountain health and safety systems, and has developed a code of practice for the New Zealand heli-skiing industry, which was adopted in 2010 and is now industry standard. Tarn’s relaxed approach is countered by his strong technique and limitless energy on long climbs and high altitude. His guiding methods come from leading numerous expeditions on mountains all over the world including Nepal, South America, and also in Antarctica for both scientific and tourism ventures.Join Tarn on Spirit of Antarctica (6 Dec 2014) and In Shackleton’s Footsteps (31 Jan 2015)

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