Wrangel Island is truly one of the most remote and wild places on earth, discover five little known facts about the Island that makes it unique and why it needs to be on your bucket list.

Fast Facts

  • The last wooly mammoths on earth were found on Wrangel Island
  • Wrangel Island is a similar size to Yellowstone National Park
  • Gray whales migrating from Mexico use Wrangel Island as a major feeding ground
  • Hosts the world’s highest concentration of polar bear dens
  • Home to the largest population of Pacific walrus

Firstly, where is Wrangel Island?

Wrangel Island is located in far north-eastern Russia in the Arctic Ocean. It lies between Alaska, USA and Russia. 

It is one of the closest locations to the international date line which means it is one of the first places in the world to see sunrise and start a new day. 

What is the time in Wrangel Island right now? 

How do you get to Wrangel Island?

The Wrangel Island Nature Reserve is classified as a wildlife sanctuary. Special permits are required to visit Wrangel and expedition cruise is the best way to visit the island.

We travel to Wrangel Island with our Ulstein X-BOW® ships that feature a modern lecture lounge, multiple observation areas, a restaurant serving excellent meals, a gym and sauna, a mudroom and many other amenities.

The new and innovative X-Bow ships also allows us to operate with low energy consumption, high fuel-efficiency and a streamlined design to deliver a reduction in emissions because preserving and protecting the environment is of the utmost importance to us. 

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The ship can also utilise virtual anchoring to hold its position using a combination of GPS, steering technology, propellers and thrusters. This protects the sea floor and minimises the damage caused by conventional anchors.

This means travelling with us is like having a VIP pass to this incredible island experience, everything is taken care of and you can take in the environment and explore endlessly with the help and expertise of our guides and expedition team.

To travel to Wrangel Island in 2022, set sail from Anchorage, Alaska, on our newest ship the Sylvia Earle for two expeditions from 19 July 2022

Kayaking Port Lockroy by Al Bakker

Who lives on Wrangel Island?

There is a small, seasonal population on the Island made up of Chukchi and Yupik people and local rangers. The wildlife may dispute who the actual residents are. Luckily we have world-class guides, historians, naturalists and wildlife specialists on board to give you the most in-depth understanding of the island and ALL its inhabitants. 

What animals are found on Wrangel Island?

The island is a wildlife haven, a delicate ecosystem with the largest polar bear breeding grounds in the world.  

You can search for polar bears on pack ice, ringed seals and walrus, or Zodiac cruise around the coast dotted with polar bears, grey whales and walrus haulouts.

If you’re a keen bird watcher you’ll be blown away by the thousands of seabirds and shorebirds. The Russian Far East is part of the global migratory pathway.

Animals such as reindeer, musk ox and arctic fox thrive across a vast landscape.

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How many bird species are on Wrangel Island?

There are 100 migratory bird species with nesting grounds on Wrangel Island, including:

  • Snowy owls
  • Snow geese
  • Long-tailed skuas
  • Puffins
  • Guillemots
  • Gulls 
  • Emperor geese
  • Spoon-billed sandpipers
  • Yellow-billed loons

“The birdlife is incredible and has many species of both seabirds and shorebirds,” says Expedition Leader Howard Whelan. “You can be in a Zodiac and all of a sudden be surrounded by thousands of auks, stella sea eagles that are some of the biggest birds on earth. The sighting list is quite extensive. There’s so much to see and take in!” 

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