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Chloe McCardel’s World Record called off due to severe jellyfish sting.
We’re terribly sorry to hear of this poor luck, monitoring news and wishing her a speedy recovery!

Original story

Aurora Expeditions is proud to be supporting 27 year old Australian marathon swimmer, Chloe McCardel, to tackle a more than 170 kilometre non-stop 70 hour world record swim from Cuba to the United States of America in June 2013.

Swimming across the powerful and unpredictable Gulf Stream and Florida Straits, this swim has never been successfully crossed without a shark cage. If successful, Chloe’s attempt will become the longest continuous solo swim in history without assistance, at least 50% further than the current record (108km).

Chloe is using this opportunity to raise much needed funds for cancer research and support for those with cancer as this is a cause which is close to her heart.

An adventurous spirit such as Chloe’s, is one that we at Aurora Expeditions admire, as well as being a key aspect of all of our exciting expeditions. What better way to give back to such a worthy cause, than by supporting one of Australia’s greatest adventurers.

The facts:

  • It will be the longest continuous solo swim in history from land (no water behind) to land (no water in front) without assistance and in open water.
  • Only a basic swim bather is allowed which cannot assist performance nor retain heat (all previous attempts by previous swimmers have utilised non-standard bather/swim suit which is considered full length – protecting against jelly-fish stings, sun burn and the cold water/air but is disallowed under conventional marathon swimming rules)
  • No Shark cage, full-length swim suit, wetsuit, flotation device, flippers, snorkel nor other ‘outside’ assistance allowed (Susie Maroney’s swim utilised full length bathers and a shark cage, which assists with protection and speed)
  • No touching or boarding of the boat or touching another person is allowed by Chloë.
  • This swim is expected to take 60 – 70 hours.

Good Luck Chloe!


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