Conquering the cold heart of Arctic is a challenge, but there is nothing impossible for those truly in love with the North.

For the first time in Russia, the project was supported by the accreditation of the international photo-associations: FIAP, PSA, UPI.

The gallery of the images of “Global Arctic Awards” consists of the 10 category winners and other images honored by the members of the jury.

The winners from 12 countries, that have submitted the most distinguished images of the picturesque Arctic, were awarded 63 international prizes, additionally they will receive trophies and gifts from the contest partners. The winner of the “Northern lights” category is awarded with the trip to Finland by the “Visit Finland” company.

The images were judged by people truly passionate about photography. The jury included Russian photographers and photographers with such world renowned names as: Sergey Majorov, Vladimir Neskoromniy, Chris Hinterobermaier, Michael Bondar, Chris Coe, Bryan Alexander, Mike Reyfman, Sergey Frolov, Sergey Lidov and Sergey Anisimov. They chose from the best color entries in these 10 categories: “Northern Nature”, “Northern and Arctic Wildlife”, “Human and nature”, “Portraits of Northern inhabitants”, “Ethnography”, “The Arctic”, “Northern Lights”, “Northern civilization” , “Nature section”, “Travel section”.

Each member of the jury at his own discretion has also awarded his best over-all image with the Gold UPI medal.

Entries, that passed the selection round were accepted into the catalogue “The best images of Arctic – 2012” and were also honored by the Diploma of Global Arctic Awards.

Starting in March of 2013, the winning images of the “Global Arctic Awards” contest will be travelling to various countries– as a series of exhibitions.

The organizers of the First International Contest of Northern and Arctic images “Global Arctic Awards” express their sincere gratitude to the partners and sponsors, whose support played a vital role in holding the contest.

The project was performed with the participation of the United Nations Information Center, UNESCO, and government of the Yamalo-Nenetskiy autonomous region.


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