Antarctica is one of the biggest bucket-list trips that you’ll ever do. While some people start planning their expedition months or even years in advance, your true traveler savvy comes out once you’re on board. To ensure you get the most out of your expedition, here are 5 things you should try to avoid to get the most out of your once-in-a-lifetime voyage:

1. Never say “No”

Your expedition is a great chance to try new things and push your boundaries. Be ready to say “YES” and really put yourself out there. Your Expedition Team is highly trained with many years of experience in expedition guiding. They will take you to the edge of your comfort zone and safely back again. Jump in for the polar plunge or stay up all night ice camping – the more you say ‘yes’ to, the more unforgettable your trip will be.

2. No need to memorize the itinerary


Our Antarctic expeditions are guided by nature and the conditions on any given day. Wind, snow and ice can lead to us changing course and planning for a new landing or altered plan for participants in one of our unique activity programs. Our expert Expedition Leaders have spent many years in the region and are skilled at finding sheltered bays, hidden wildlife hangouts and even a spot of blue sky on an otherwise cloudy day. As a passenger, we encourage you be ready for anything, which could mean jumping up in the middle of dinner to watch a pod of whales go by or heading to the observation deck late at night in your pajamas simply to listen to the sounds of glaciers calving new icebergs into the sea.

3. Forget about sleeping in

Trust us, you won’t want to miss a beat on this once-in-a-lifetime voyage! You’ll awaken each morning to a gentle announcement from your Expedition Leader telling you about breakfast and the morning briefing. If you’re participating in an activity program like sea kayaking, diving or snorkeling, you will usually start preparing your gear early to be first out the door and maximize your time in the natural world. With up to 2-3 landings or Zodiac cruises a day (where possible), there’s lots to fit in and you will want to savor every moment.

4. Don’t forget to put your camera down

Yes, Antarctica is a photographer’s dream, but remember to put the lens down, sit back and just soak it all in from time to time. No matter how hard you try, your photos will never be the same as your uninhibited memory of a whale breaching, a penguin sliding down any icy shore or a herd of seals arguing amongst themselves. Rest assured we have a professional photographer on board who will happily share their photos, and you’ll even receive a Voyage Log customized for your expedition.

5. Don’t try to count all the penguins

There are just too many. With seven species and millions in rookeries throughout the Antarctic continent and Subantarctic islands, you’re sure to lose count. You can, however, participate in one of our Citizen Science projects for our partner eBird. Help one of our expert ornithologists gather valuable data, counting birds at sea, or scribing for those observing differences in bird species, ages and breeding cycles.

Have you got what it takes to enjoy an action-packed Antarctic expedition? Start packing, brush off your binoculars and find your favorite mittens. We’re ready, whenever you are.

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