Toby Story

Toby Story

Kayaking Guide

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Toby was born and raised on the remote and rugged south coast of Western Australia. Surrounded by national parks and with a family that loved to travel and explore, it is no surprise that Toby entered into a career in remote area guiding.

Toby began his sea kayak guiding career on Tasmania’s remote and rugged coasts and in the decade and a half since, has guided expeditions from equatorial to polar regions including Greenland, Norway, Spitsbergen, Indonesia, Fiji, the Philippines, Antarctica and South Georgia. Toby is also a qualified sea kayak instructor, and has worked extensively throughout Australia with universities, schools and tourism operators as an expedition leader, educator and guide trainer.

Toby’s great passion in life is in learning about and exploring remote and beautiful places and in assisting people to enjoy, understand and experience those places to the full. Toby is also a keen photographer, climber, runner and surfer.

Toby is currently based in Hobart Tasmania after recently completing a Masters of Wildlife and Fisheries Biology in the Southern United States.