Talia Schwartzman

Groups and Key Accounts Team Leader

Talia developed her passion for travel when she was 16 and took her first steps across the globe from Montreal, Canada to Adelaide, Australia on her own as an exchange student.  Years later, Talia pursued this interest and studied in travel and tourism and worked in Montreal in reservations for Club Med and then as a flight attendant for Sunwing Airlines.  Fast forward to 2009 when a spur of the moment decision landed her on a plane back to Australia, where she eventually settled permanently.  In Australia, she worked with cultures from around the world on a student exchange program, then fell back into her passion in the travel industry and made her way over to Aurora Expeditions in August of 2016.  Talia was drawn to Aurora for its unique product and amazing experiences and loves that she can be a part of making the experience of a lifetime for our customers.