Massimo Bassano

Massimo started his career as a traveller crossing the Ionian Sea, from the South of Italy to the Greek Isles by sailboat at the age of 15. That experience marked him for life. He has been crossing all the oceans on a sailboat ever since, and sometimes even solo. But the “bug” of travelling did not stop on the water. Thanks to his ocean knowledge, Massimo got a job as a fixer for National Geographic, which opened a new vision for his career path, and so he decided to become documentary photographer for the Society. In this way, his passion for human culture, history and wildlife became the reason to explore the planet. After 29 years and 83 countries explored for National Geographic, he still loves to travel and explore, even more than before. His passion for photography is the key to open connections with people and Mother Nature. Massimo loves to photograph the truth. As documentary photographer, he always tries to photograph the reality how it is.

Massimo learned from photographers, working for photographers in the field, so he loves to teach and to give back what he learned and what made him world famous. “Looking at the planet through a lens is one of the best way to travel and explore new places. Camera does not just immortalise your memories, but it also lets you immerse yourself into a situation that you would not look for,” – says Massimo.

He sets his camera carefully when on ground, dedicating the software to calibrate a photograph to print. “There is no better way than seeing your photograph printed on paper,” – he says – “put it on the wall and admire every day, bringing back memories that are unique, concentrating on those special moments of your life”.

There is no better combination for Massimo than travelling on an expedition ship, where the two sides of his life can merge. He lives between London and Vancouver but, sooner rather than later, he will move back to the Mediterranean to produce olive oil (when he’s back home from the trips) – his new passion.