Martin McGrath

Diving Guide

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Originally from the North East of England, he began diving whilst studying for his degree.

On a trip to see his sister who was working in the Arabian Gulf, he decided that the expatriate life was for him, and it took him 25 years to get home!

He freely admits to not being able to ”walk past a puddle without wanting to get in it and see what’s at the bottom of it” and thinks the Polar regions are one of the best places on Earth to do it.

Martin now lives in Sydney, Australia, where he can be found teaching diving, as well as supervising divers (and penguins) at Sydney’s world-famous Taronga Zoo.

He has completed more than 10,000 dives in a career lasting over 30 years.

He is a PADI Master Instructor, a BSAC Advanced Instructor and a commercial diver, working as a Safety and Rescue Supervisor for the BBC Natural History Unit and TV Production companies.

He has instructor ratings in more than 16 specialities and is also a qualified cox’n with sea survival and VHF qualifications.

He is an emergency first response instructor trainer and scuba technician.

He has dived extensively in the Polar Oceans, Australia, Scapa Flow, UK, Norway, France, Spain, Sicily, Beirut, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Caribbean, Indian Ocean, South Africa, Mozambique, Maldives and the Galapagos Islands.