Dr Ian Goodwin

Dr Ian Goodwin


Ian is a Glaciologist, Marine Climatologist, Oceanographer and Geologist. He has 40 years research experience in the fields of climatology, paleoclimatology, polar glaciology, climate change science, coastal and marine geoscience, coastal oceanography, and maritime prehistory. Ian is an Adjunct Associate Professor at the Climate Change Research Centre, University of New South Wales, and Adjunct Research fellow at the Oceans Institute, University of Western Australia. Ian is also the principal scientist of the consultancy ClimaLab.

Ian has completed 10 scientific expeditions to East Antarctica as glaciologist, glacial geologist and paleoclimatologist, and has served as field and scientific leader on most expeditions. His work, spanning 1984 to present, has resulted in the exploration, mapping, and glaciology of new frontiers in Antarctica. These include leader of the 1985-86 over-wintering Wilkes Land glaciological traverses, and summer, field programs in the Prince Charles Mountains, Lambert Glacier-Amery Ice Shelf, Law Dome and Windmill Islands, Mill Is, Shackleton Ice Shelf, eastern Wilkes Land, George V Land, northern Victoria Land, and participated in US Antarctic Research Program, NZ Antarctic Research Program, Australian National Antarctic Research Expeditions, and the US Coastguard. Ian served as Ice Specialist on the US Coastguard Polar Sea voyage in 2001.

In addition, Ian has served as Co-leader role in the International Trans Antarctic Science Expedition (ITASE) of SCAR 1997-present. He has also served as Coastal geologist and oceanographer on land-based and ship-cruise, field expeditions throughout Australia, New Zealand, Antarctica, Samoa, Cook Islands, Hawaii, South Africa, Chile, USA, and Baja Mexico.

Since 2017, Ian is also an Ecotourism presenter and field guide working in Antarctica and Chile. He has also worked as a Professional Photographer and Scientific Communicator with the Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC) and has a forthcoming book on Past Climate and Antarctica. He is a keen surfer, skier, mountaineer and sailor. Ian also provides extreme weather forecasts to the NSW Government and is an advisor to Risk Frontiers on coastal and meteorological hazards, to Weatherzone and Swellnet, for wave forecasting.