Brian Seenan

Geologist & Glaciologist

Brian started his career as a geologist, seeking out diamonds in The Congo, where he spent four years tackling jungle terrain and exploring crocodile and hippo-infested waters in Zodiacs. He was then led to Canada and Alaska, where he sought out base metals, uranium and gold, before switching gears and joining IBM as an Oil Industry Specialist. After some time managing global IT projects, he was inspired to return to the outdoors and discovered adventure cruises and the power of the sea, which has the capacity to transport you away from mundane life. Brian has worked as an expedition guide on ships for eight years, exposing the natural world to people eager to discover and protect it. He likes to describe the natural world as he sees it, not from a textbook.

The Polar regions have a special place in Brian’s heart. One of his favourite memories is his first sighting of a polar bear from the safety of the ship one morning at 2 a.m., surrounded by mesmerised passengers.