Anna Keeling

An experienced IFMGA-certified mountain guide, Anna hails from one of the world’s best climbing destinations – New Zealand. With ski descents and climbing ascents form Nothern India’s Kedarnath to Denali’s West rib as well as wins in International Adventure races and New Zealand’s Coast to Coast, Anna has spent her life zipping around the great outdoors.

In addition to running her own ski guiding business in New Zealand, Anna works as a Mountain Guide trainer and examiner for both the New Zealand Mountain Guide Association (NZMGA) and the American Mountain Guide Association (AMGA). She has taught avalanche safety courses of New Zealand Mountain Safety Council, Utah Avalanche Centre, the American Avalanche Institute and Utah Mountain Adventures.

After years of travelling, guiding and adventure racing around New Zealand and the world, she and her family returned home in 2009. Now each year is spent travelling between winters – Castle Hils Village in the Southern Hemisphere and Salt Lake City, Utah in the Northern Hemisphere – so Anna and her family can make the most of their winters and brief spring/summers to ski and climb in the beloved environs.