If you book a 2016 tour of Africa, you’ll get the chance to see the esteemed Kapama Private Game Reserve, located in South Africa’s northern Lompomo province. The experience here is almost indescribable, as its sights — both floral and animal — leave each of our guests touched in their own way.

So what can you expect from your African adventure here?

About Kapama Private Game Reserve

Imagine a huge area of pristine African savannah wilderness, almost entirely undeveloped by human hands. You step out of your accommodation to see the sun rising gently over the horizon, with the impressive Drakensberg mountains stretching upward in one direction, and the gorgeous Kruger National Park in the other.

This is the enormous Kapama Private Game Reserve, which covers 13,000 hectares of South Africa’s landscape. The foundations of this eco-tourism wonderland were bought back in 1986 by Johan Roode, who had hoped to begin a cattle farm. However, it proved unsustainable, and he soon saw the potential of his land as a place for visitors to venture on African exploration tours. Decades later, the Reserve is still owned by the Roode family, and is now one of the premier wilderness attractions in the country.

Roadblocks can be a little different in Kapama.
The big five are a major African tourist attraction. Image: Kapama Private Game Reserve

The animals of Kapama

So what can be seen in this fantastic place? An Aurora Expeditions Kapama tour will take you to see the famous Big Five — lions, elephants, leopards, African buffalo and rhinos. Among these iconic creatures, you’ll also find a menagerie of other local species. To be specific, the Reserve’s website estimates there to be over 40 different mammal types here, including the aforementioned Five, as well as cheetahs, servals and antelopes. 

In addition, there are also over 350 bird species that live in the area, adding a truly spectacular bird watching element to each safari. These include the graceful secretary bird, as well as the colourful lilac-breasted roller and purple-crested lourie. 

Will you spot lions on your African tour?
Will you spot lions on your African tour? Image: Kapama Private Game Reserve

Your Kapama tour

After staying in the luxury on-site accommodation provided by Kapama, you and your fellow travellers will get to experience a magical dawn safari. As the land is soaked in brilliant orange light, you’ll be able to catch the nocturnal predators disappearing to sleep, and all the many birds and other animals come out to sing and play with the sun. This is followed by a break during the middle of the day, when it’s hottest, then another tour at night time to witness what was missed in the morning glow. 


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