Sea kayaking in Antarctica is one of the best and most enjoyable ways to immerse yourself in the frozen seventh continent. To the untrained eye, the Antarctic landscape may seem desolate, but Antarctica is one of the most interesting places on earth that visitors yearn to revisit. With its awe-inspiring icebergs and geology, fascinating flora and fauna that have adapted to thrive in the harsh conditions, and endless opportunities for photography and adventure, there are so many reasons to add a sea kayaking holiday in Antarctica to your bucket list.

Imagine gliding silently through glassy bays strewn with brash ice, encountering seals sunbathing on ice floes, dodging rafts of porpoising penguins or perhaps even being surprised by curious whales surfacing to get a closer look at you as you glide silently through this winter wonderland. Led by highly-experienced and enthusiastic sea kayaking guides, our popular sea kayaking in Antarctica activity program is capped at 20 paddlers so you have the opportunity to experience nature at its wildest.

"Just the best possible adventure we could have had visiting and kayaking in South Georgia and Antarctica. Aurora makes it possible to experience a true expedition rather than just a trip."

Kayaking - Al Bakker

"John and Wes were amazing, it was wonderful getting to benefit from the smaller group and learning a lot from them about kayaking and Antarctica. Really a tremendous highlight and I'm so happy I did it!"

"We kayaked with whales, seals, penguins, icebergs and glaciers. Our kayak guides were like paddling encyclopaedia. The passion and professionalism of the Aurora team cannot be faulted. Just go!"

How do I go Sea Kayaking Antarctica?

If you have intermediate paddling experience and would like to participate in our sea kayaking program on your Antarctica voyage please contact our expert team or complete a polar kayaking activity form.

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