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Experienced drysuit divers may know that Scotland offers some excellent diving opportunities with waters rich with history and diversity.

Hundreds of wrecks lie beneath the Scarpa Flow seas in the Orkneys, where many German ships were sunk during WWII. Over to St. Kilda, you will have a chance to marvel at the spectacular landscapes above and below the water. Where there are towering cliffs filled with resting puffins, below the quality water visibility lets you explore rolling underwater topography, full of caves and arches teeming with marine life.

Let our expert Divemasters and guides help you reach new depths seen by few daring adventurers. If you have the required experience, you can explore the underwater realms of Scotland in small groups of 6. In the spirit of expedition travel,  help you find the best diving opportunities and get the most out of your time scuba diving in Scotland.

How do I book Scuba Diving in Scotland?

If you are an Advanced Open Water Diver with a minimum of 30 logged dives (with a minimum of 6 of those dives within 12 months of your trip), and you would like to participate in our scuba diving program on your Scotland voyage, please contact our expert team.

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