Aurora Expeditions is proud to show their commitment to the Australian environment by helping fund Australian Geographic’s new and exciting Scientific Expedition to Western Australia’s Kimberley region in 2011.

Aurora Expeditions is proud of their relationship with the Australian Geographic Society, sharing ideals of promoting adventure and discovery and donating a percentage of profits from their three Kimberley Coast voyages to the Society. Aurora Expeditions has partially funded the 2011 Australian Geographic Scientific Expedition from their 2010 season.

The 2011 Australian Geographic Scientific Expedition provides a unique opportunity to explore and learn about Kimberley wildlife.  The expedition will provide a snapshot of a near-pristine biodiversity, allowing a more complete understanding of this world class tropical Australian ecosystem.

Every couple of years the Australian Geographic Society undertakes a scientific expedition to a remote location, bringing together scientists from a variety of specialists to discover a little more about our country.

“Australia’s an extraordinarily big place and there are, unsurprisingly, quite a few remote places that have seen little baseline scientific research.” says Ian Connellan, Editor and Trustee of Australian Geographic.

“The AG Society decided many years ago to fund multi-disciplinary scientific expeditions to such little-studied areas, both to establish some idea of what’s there, and to kick-start further research in those places.”

“The Kimberley Coast is one of the most remote and unspoilt coastlines in the world, and it is for this reason why we feel so passionate about helping to protect this area” says Lisa Bolton, CEO of Aurora Expeditions.

“Our expert staff ensure our voyages highlight the regions best places, whilst ensuring that our presence do not impact on the places we visit. Over the years Aurora Expeditions have been involved in implementing guidelines such as the new regulations at Montgomery Reef.”

“We will continue to work with and support the Australian Geographic Society to ensure Australia’s unspoilt regions are kept that way.”

Aurora Expeditions’ gives you the opportunity to discover this magical yet remote coastline with legendary Kimberley expeditioner, Mike Cusack, onboard the Coral Princess. In 1987, Mike and his wife Susan were chosen to be the first Australian Geographic’s Wilderness Couple. Mike will share his experiences with you of this once forbidding ancient and forgotten land. After a remarkable wet season this year, Kimberley will be at its best for the start of Aurora Expeditions’ thirteenth season. Cabins are still available in May and June 2011. It is an optimum time to visit as the temperatures tend to be a lot cooler and there is stronger chance to spot whales!

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