To encounter a great white shark in the wild is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Employing innovative, industry-leading techniques to attract sharks to the vessel, our tour operator partner offers three options for you to choose from to safely witness these formidable apex predators up close.

1. Aqua Sub

Experience the world’s first “Aqua Sub” – a revolutionary way to view great white sharks in their natural habitat. You will stay completely dry and comfortable on your shark-viewing experience in a fully submersible glass vessel that offers unbeatable 360-degree underwater views.

2. Surface Cage Dive

Prepare yourself for a heart-racing thrill by entering the water with up to six adventurers in a customised alloy shark cage to view great white sharks up close. Descend approximately two metres underwater in the cage and use surface air supply and regulators to breathe. No diving certificate is required to participate in this activity, making it an unbeatable way to view these formidable creatures up close, near the water surface.

3. Bottom Cage Dive

For the ultimate shark viewing experience, experienced divers have the option to descend 18 metres to the ocean floor of Neptune Islands in a custom-designed bottom cage, for the chance to see great white sharks hunting at the ocean floor, where they spend most of their time. For 45 minutes, up to three experienced divers, escorted by a dive captain, have the rare opportunity to perhaps witness great white sharks ‘ambush prey from great ocean depths’. A PADI Open Water dive certificate is required for participation.

How to Book

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